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The California Fashion Association offers a continuing series of “Meet the Experts” panels.
The CFA works with your educators, by inviting a team of experts clearly focused on the needs of the students.

Some of the ‘messages’ the students received from CFA panels .
* Add ‘Customer Service” to the list of career opportunities.
* Create a website for yourself….consider it an online portfolio
* Look at the world around you….to gain an awareness of others’ tastes.
* Knowledge of computers…a most vital asset in the long run.
* Understand design fundamentals
* Keep up with today’s trends….in five years they WILL be different
* Understand ‘sourcing’ and the variances of international production….do you know geography?
* Look to the smaller labels as trendsetters. The larger the manufacturer, the safer the merchandise.
* Understand the bridge between art school and reality.
* The art of negotiation
* The art of conversation….sharpen your writing skills.
* Know how to present yourself; learn interviewing & people skills.
* Where is your curiosity, common sense, and an awareness of human relationships.
* Understanding the ins and outs of business…take a course.
* Fit, quality, delivery…they make all the difference for a new company
* For a job, the one hired has the ability to listen, and not necessarily the most talented.

California Fashion College Consortia

• Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
• Otis College of Design
• Fashion Center of Los Angeles Trade Tech
• Pasadena City College
• Palomar University
• Cal Poly University, Pomona
• California State University Los Angeles
• California Design College
• American Intercontinental University
• Mt. San Antonio College
• Orange Coast College
• Cal State Northridge